Facebook Takes Next Step Towards Becoming Publishing Powerhouse – Updates ‘Notes’

By Andrew Hutchinson As flagged last month, Facebook has now officially announced an update to their ‘Notes’ blogging option on the site. And while the announcement, in itself, is nothing major, it forms another part of Facebook’s wider plan to dominate online publishing. 

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How to Generate Leads Using Quizzes

By JP Misenas Content marketers have successfully used the integration of quizzes within social media to effectively generate leads.

With the demand for content that actually converts, a well-produced quiz can obtain opt-in rates north of 50% with enhanced lead generation.

If you incorporate these quizzes into social media, you’ve just expanded your platform for lead generation by a substantial amount.

We’ll be taking an in-depth look at three practical ways to use quizzes for lead generation. We’ll even go over several real-life examples to help marketers formulate ideas based on quiz utilization as a means of generating leads.

Let’s get right to it.

  1. Personalize Your Website and Ask for a Lead in Return

As marketers, we offer a very specific product or service to a very specific audience. Personalizing your website based on that makes it easier to ask for a lead in return for your “very specific” products.

Our first example comes from Pin Cancer, with their quiz titled “How Well Do You Know Team USA?” Pin Cancer is a non-profit organization that sponsors pledges based on a wrestler or team’s wins, pins or takedowns to fight cancer.

Pin Cancer’s latest quiz has generate 500 leads so far and is still running. In total, Pin Cancer has gathered over 4,000 leads using quizzes.

The key component to creating a quiz of this nature is to know your audience. What are they interested in? Are they willing to give up their contact information to get results that pertain to their interest?

As a marketer, when your job relies on a constant stream of fresh leads, finding innovative ways to get opt-ins is mandatory.

  1. Create A Knowledge Test Within Your Informative Content

Our next example comes from the World Wildlife Fund. As an organization that protects endangered species around the world, they created a quiz titled “Who’s Your Animal Soulmate?

World Wildlife Fund’s goal was to give participants a fun and interactive way to find out which animal would be their soulmate based on their personality. Creating a quiz based on the information your website already supplies is a great way to engage with your audience.

In a case study that highlights their success, World Wildlife Fund’s “Who’s Your Animal Soulmate?” quiz was taken 2,703 times with opt-in’s (name and email) at 1,043, resulting in an astounding 38.5% conversion rate! Now those are numbers worth boasting about.

If you want to recreate this type of quiz, identify highly informational pages that get a lot of traffic. In most cases, this is a website’s landing page. From there, develop a knowledge test as an interactive element on that page based on what’s on the information on your page.

  1. Repurpose Past Successes to Squeeze More Leads Out of Your Site

Marketers are always creating content, and in most cases, some of this content will be more popular than others (see 80/20 rule). Another way to use quizzes to generate leads would be to repurpose your most popular content (the 20% that get 80% of the traffic).

With the amount of attention that their Amerman Family Foundation Dog Therapy Program gets, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles created a quiz titled “Which Therapy Dog Are You?

Children’s Hospital LA generated 30,600 leads, and $30,000 in donations within three weeks.

To produce a quiz just like this one, follow these three steps:

  • Identify your top-performing posts by viewing your Google Analytics traffic stats.
  • Create a quiz with a group of your top posts as the basis for your quiz results.
  • Add a lead generation form that is relevant to the topic of the quiz.

And Back To You

Hopefully these three examples we’ve provided can help spark an idea in you.  Knowing there’s more than one way to use quizzes to generate leads, sit down and choose whatever method works best for you. If you come up with a well-produced quiz, you can sit back, relax and watch it become popular. Also remember to have as much fun as possible with your quizzes as your audience will. That’s exactly how you’ll generate leads through them.

If you’re interested in seeing more quiz examples, keep your eyes on the Ignite Social Media social channels this October. Throughout the end of the year they’ll be hosting a Social Media IQ Quiz to test your knowledge of the social media space.

JP Misenas is the content marketing director and audio/visual technician/engineer of Interact, a place for creating entertaining and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. He writes about innovative ways to connect with customers and to build professional long-lasting relationships with them.

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Addressing the ‘Ted Cruz Can’t Win’ Fallacy

By JD Rucker

Three times in the last five election cycles, the Republican establishment has made a terrible mistake. They believe that if someone is too conservative, they can’t win the general election. Let’s look at Ted Cruz and compare him to his Democratic counterpart, President Obama.

First, let’s take a look at the credentials that won President Obama the White House:

  • 1st-Term Senator in a major state
  • Extreme views that many in his own party considered too polarizing
  • Minority
  • Attended Harvard Law School where he was an editor of the Harvard Law Review and graduated magna cum laude
  • Young, energetic, passionate
  • Strong speaking (with a teleprompter) and passionate debater
  • Universally hated by the opposing party for radical opinions and proposed solutions

I don’t think it’s necessary to list the credentials for Ted Cruz since they are precisely the same. The only difference is that he doesn’t need a teleprompter.

The Democrats recognize that polarizing views win. The biggest fallacy that blinds the GOP is the perception that independents are all moderates. That’s not the case. They’re open-minded. They reserve the right to go as far left or right as they want. They simply need convincing. The Democrats convinced them the last two election cycles that their candidate’s extreme perspectives were more valid than the moderate perspectives of Mitt Romney and John McCain. They did the same thing with Bill Clinton when he went against Bob Dole and George H. W. Bush.

One can argue, despite two terms that were more liberal than promised, that the two George W. Bush campaigns were successful because they were further to the right than John Kerry or Al Gore were to the left. The platforms were extremely conservative even if the President turned out to be more moderate on all things other than the military.

Ted Cruz can Win

I hear all the time on social media and talking to “pundits” that they like Ted Cruz but they don’t think he can win. They say he’s too divisive (like President Obama), too controversial (like President Obama), and too unorthodox (like President Obama). They say he’s too polarizing… like President Obama.

Polarizing works. The Democrats understand this, now. Many Republicans are still clinging to the moderation trap, the conservatives-can’t-win fallacy that yielded Romney, McCain, and now possibly Jeb Bush. Ted Cruz is exactly the person who can win the general election for the same reason that President Obama has won the last two.

If Ted Cruz can win the nomination, I am certain that he will win the White House. The sooner that the Republican party realizes this, the better our chances are of not having another liberal in the White House in 2017.

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The 2015 State of Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Sarah Snow Which networks are most popular? How can marketers use them to reach a wider audience? This infographic from JBH in collaboration with Smart Insights and Similarweb answers these questions and harnesses the latest trends for marketers.

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On air la nuova campagna di promozione del riso italiano realizzata da ISMEA

By mgianotti Ufficio Stampa

È promossa da Mipaaf – Ministero delle politiche agricole, alimentari e forestali e realizzata da ISMEA – Istituto di Servizi per il Mercato Agricolo Alimentare in collaborazione con Ente Nazionale Risi nell’ambito del piano di interventi a sostegno del settore risicolo italiano, la nuova campagna di promozione del riso italiano, “Il Riso. Non finisci mai di scoprirlo”.

La campagna di comunicazione e informazione è stata sviluppata con l’obiettivo di avvicinare il pubblico al patrimonio risicolo italiano, valorizzandone l’importanza culturale, la molteplicità di utilizzi, le proprietà nutrizionali ed accrescere la consapevolezza del consumatore a proposito di questa pregiata risorsa.

La città di Milano per prima scoprirà nei prossimi giorni la comunicazione caratterizzata da un logo fresco e stilizzato che ritrae proprio un chicco di riso accompagnato al naming diretto “Il Riso” seguito dal payoff “Non finisci mai di scoprirlo”, un messaggio chiaro ed essenziale pensato per raggiungere target trasversali, dall’operatore di settore al consumatore comune. Pensata anche per una pianificazione tradizionale, è stata volutamente declinata solo su strumenti maggiormente divulgativi e formativi, al fine di raggiungere un target più ampio.

La campagna sarà declinata su molteplici soggetti secondo un gioco creativo che vuole esaltare attraverso le immagini la versatilità dell’ingrediente, che si presta infatti per diversi piatti dolci e salati appartenenti alla cultura gastronomica italiana e invitare a una riflessione attraverso l’headline “Il riso denominatore comune di bontà” seguito dalla baseline “Non puoi sbagliare i calcoli, se il riso è uno dei fattori”. La baseline è stata pensata per sottolineare il gioco creativo, in cui proprio come in una equazione algebrica diverse pietanze di riconosciuta bontà hanno in comune un unico denominatore, il riso.

Quale luogo migliore per parlare del riso, se non la città di Expo 2015, la città che in questi mesi è al centro del mondo per tutto quello che riguarda l’alimentazione e la cultura del cibo e quindi è proprio Milano a ospitare un’installazione teaser dalle caratteristiche particolari, un piatto in formato 3D ricco di riso, che ha preparato l’arrivo della campagna caratterizzando per alcuni giorni una delle principali piazze della città, Piazza San Carlo, al fine di generare attenzione e curiosità nei passati.

Ma la campagna è anche eventi con il tour “#risodascoprire“, tramite il quale si è deciso di portare il riso direttamente a contatto con le persone, nel cuore della città e nei momenti più diversi della giornata.

Tra le novità più di tendenza di quest’ultimo anno nel mondo dell’enogastronomia c’è quella del “gusto itinerante” che viaggia spesso su mezzi dal sapore decisamente retrò dando un’altra dimensione al concetto di street food. La città di Milano sarà così la protagonista di un Tour Apecar che toccherà diversi punti di interesse distribuiti nella città.

L’Apecar diventa esperienza fuori dal comune per gli avventori e luogo di degustazioni gratuite a base di riso. A partire dal 21 settembre e fino al 1 novembre, un simpatico Apecar sarà luogo per giocare con i quiz e scoprire quanto è conosciuto il riso, incontrare food blogger e giornalisti negli incontri a tema e, soprattutto, assaggiare le specialità a base di riso cucinati da preparati chef. Ogni volta un gusto diverso, una storia diversa, una curiosità che non ti aspetti.

Il riso italiano è composto da numero elevatissimo di tipologie, basti pensare che in Italia si coltivano oltre 140 varietà di riso e dunque è fondamentale guidare il consumatore non solo nelle tipologie, nelle coltivazioni ma anche nei diversi utilizzi che può correttamente farne. Nasce cosi il sito www.risodascorprire.it, un luogo in cui trovare la storia del riso, le caratteristiche geografiche e una grande raccolta di ricette tipiche a base di riso. Una vera e propria guida nell’immenso mondo di questo prezioso cereale.

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Nat Geo Channel sfrutta la gaffe di Miss Italia per il lancio di un nuovo programma

By editorbrand01

National Geographic Channel sfrutta la ‘gaffe’ della nuova Miss Italia per lanciare la serie ‘La verità sulla seconda guerra mondiale’. Sulla scia dei tanti post ironici apparsi sui social network in risposta alle parole della ragazza – “Vorrei aver vissuto […]

L’articolo Nat Geo Channel sfrutta la gaffe di Miss Italia per il lancio di un nuovo programma sembra essere il primo su Brand News.

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Addressing the Refugee Crisis Head On as the Emergency it is

By JD Rucker

Before going into a solution regarding the current refugee crisis in the Middle East, let’s debunk the one complaint that will certainly come from anyone reading this. Money is not an issue. If the wealthy countries of the Middle East, Europe, and the United States wanted to make the necessary investment into solving this problem, the money could be pulled together in a single day.

The second objection would be that “it’s their problem” and that taxpayers should not be footing the bill. That, too, is an absurd objection because the money that is wasted every day by the wealthy countries of the world could quickly be redirected to this cause which is much more important. In other words, nobody’s taxes would have to be raised. We might not be able to give the Department of Agriculture a single intern that costs the American taxpayer $2 million, but I’m sure they won’t fall apart as a result.

With those out of the way, let’s look at this situation from a practical perspective. First, we have to put aside political correctness and accept that there is a distinct difference between Christian refugees and Muslim refugees. Their situations are different even if they’re crossing the borders in the same groups.

Next, we have to look to the world of business for a concept that has helped many companies achieve greatness in the face of opposition. It’s a concept called BHAG: big hairy audacious goals. This is not a problem that can be solved without shooting for something huge. We’re in an emergency situation that will affect the entire planet. At its current pace, it will not be solved before it’s complete beyond being salvageable. We must act with an urgency that hasn’t been seen since the first Gulf War when Kuwait was invaded.

Once we accept that, we can build the first tangible portion of the solution: a reception city. This would almost certainly need to be in Syria or Turkey. It would need to be set aside as a long-term but temporary large area of land that is controlled by (and I regret saying this, but it’s the only acceptable solution) the United Nations.

Everyone must go there first. It would be a city, one that can accommodate millions of people. It would need a strong military presence to maintain order and to keep the Islamic State and other entities from having influence over the city.

Funnel everyone, even many of those who are already in Europe, to this city. There, families are kept together. Maintaing quality and quantity of lodging, food, and security would be paramount.

Refugee Crisis

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and this would take many days to build, but a concerted effort by the nations of the world could make this happen very quickly. For those with the third objection that we don’t have enough time to make it happen, it could be done in stages. Tents, then barracks, then apartments could be built very quickly to make it viable for a large number of people. Saudi Arabia already has enough air conditioned tents to help. They should be helping.

If you can get the refugees together in a safe place, they can then be sent throughout the world to the most appropriate places where they’ll be able to rebuild their lives. Screening would be challenging, but this will allow for the politically incorrect but absolutely necessary step of documenting and tracking them. The “bad guys” are using this crisis to infiltrate the west. This wouldn’t prevent all of these nefarious actions, but it would make it easier to maintain a certain level of control over the potential negatives associated with taking on refugees with evil goals.

Again, most would say that it’s impractical. They would say that it would be too hard from a financial and logistical perspective. If they would take a moment to see what this crisis represents and how it is already getting out of hand, then perhaps they will see the need to take extremely drastic actions now rather than dealing with the repercussions later.

There’s no easy solution with this situation. People compare it to the post-WWII situation, but this is actually much worse. Concerted and dramatic efforts must be made now before it’s too late.

Source: http://soshable.com/addressing-the-refugee-crisis-head-on-as-the-emergency-it-is/


What You Need to Know about the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season [Infographic]

By Pete Schauer If you’re an eCommerce brand, you know how important the holiday shopping season is to your bottom line. This 2015 holiday shopping infographic details the importance of preparation and educates both retailers and consumers on the art of the holiday shopping season. 

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A Dead Child on a Beach is Fine, But the Word Fuck Offends You?

By Danny Brown


We’ve all seen the tragic and horrific image of little Aylan Kurdi, washed up and face down on a Turkish beach after trying to escape the horrors of Syria.

We’ve seen (finally) the mainstream media really talking about the issues that are facing Syrians as they put their own lives, and that of their families, at risk, only to find that risk takes their lives as surely as the bombs and bullets in Syria would should they remain there.

And we’ve seen the world finally start to get its shit together and realize what’s been going on, now that they’ve been forced to watch by the image of that poor little boy, who could be mistaken for simply sleeping if you replaced the beach with a bed.

Sadly, we’ve also seen the assholes and the self-serving come out of the woodwork, as “people” show their true colours when it comes to their place in the world, and how we treat our sisters and brothers regardless of race, faith and status.

I Offend You? Your Ignorance Offends Me

In the days following the release of the picture of Aylan to the world, there were many discussions across all the social networks, as people tried to make sense of what they’d just seen.

On Facebook, a friend of mine shared one of the many news stories about the tragedy, and asked what it will take for the world to end this madness, and actually live peacefully together.

I replied with my usual brass and unfiltered take when horrible shit like this happens.

Sadly, the world can never change when we put the doctrines of religion and hate above the rights of people to expect a normal life. Despite our outrage, nothing changes and hatred wins – the world is completely fucked.

An hour or so later, one of my friend’s friends came online, and harangued me for using such unnecessary language. It simply showed ignorance of the English language, and I couldn’t be taken seriously because of it.

Well fucka-doody-doo, mister, and excuse me!

So I asked this guy if my language offended him more than a three year old boy lying lifeless on a beach for the whole world to see. His response:

God works in mysterious ways, and it’s not for us to question or for you to lessen that by vulgarity.

At that point I gave up, because clearly it was pointless trying to reason with someone that couldn’t see the craziness in their statement or point of view.

Why do we think the word fuck is offensive, but reason away a dead child on a beach? #moralsClick To Tweet

Now, don’t get me wrong – while I’m not religious myself, and while I have many issues with how religion of all kinds enforces certain behaviour and beliefs, I also respect people that are religious to practice their faith, and the actions that come through that.

I just can’t believe any religion (or person, to ensure this doesn’t become a post about religious ambiguity) would find a three year old boy lying dead on a beach any fucking kind of acceptable picture.

Because if you do, for whatever reason, then your whole mindset is fucked.

The World is Becoming a Stupid and Dangerous Place

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this could be the case.

After all, you only need to take a look through your Facebook feed, as well as news and media outlets and the comments that come after any kind of serious opinion piece, to see that the world is getting crazier by the day.

In Costa Rica, tourists placed their kids on top of turtles for picture opportunities. On top of that, they stood in front of the turtles as they tried to make their way onto the beach. Apart from showing how stupid people are, its impact is much deeper, as these turtles were trying to lay eggs, but returned to the water without doing so. Nature 0 – Human Idiocy 1.

Over on Facebook, “friends” of friends share a picture of a burning cross, and claim that President Obama is the anti-Christ and should be “removed”.

In Texas, a teenage Muslim boy is arrested and handcuffed because his dumb school (and the fear around someone that’s just a little “different”) think his science project – a homemade clock – is a bomb.

These are just a few examples of literally thousands (millions?) that highlight how ignorance and self-preservation is taking over the world.

If it’s not in your backyard, it’s not visible, right?

Except is it visible, every single day – we just choose to ignore it.

Not only that, but we choose to ignore the ignorance of others around us when it rears its head, because no-one likes to rock the boat where friendship is concerned, right?

If that’s the case, ask yourself this – at what point do we stand up and say enough is enough, and to hell with the fallout from those we feel we currently refrain from challenging?

Because if we truly think that using the F-word is more offensive than a poor, innocent little boy lying face down on a beach hundreds of miles away from home, then I’m sorry, but we’re more fucked up than we think.

And that is truly offensive.

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È online Mammekids, il nuovo sito di Antonella Pfeiffer rivolto alle mamme e alle famiglie

By mgianotti Dall'Agenzia

È online il nuovo sito di Antonella Pfeiffer, già autrice del libro “La mamma perfetta” (Mursia 2011) e Direttore Editoriale della rivista online Donne Magazine.

Mammekids è un sito rivolto alle mamme e a tutte le famiglie “dove per famiglia – sottolinea Antonella Pfeiffer – intendo un posto in cui ci sia semplicemente amore (nonostante le litigate e i momenti in cui non è sempre facile), indipendentemente da come essa sia strutturata”.

Il sito è caratterizzato da una grafica d’appeal e contenuti interessanti come ad esempio le rubriche Scuola, Nativi Digitali, Creatività, Libri e Giochi e Videogiochi.

Curiosa e senza dubbio utile l’area “Family Friendly” in cui ogni utente può segnalare direttamente un hotel, luoghi ed eventi family friendly o, comunque, scrivere la recensione di quelli che trova già caricati.

Source: http://www.advertiser.it/2015091836974/media/e-online-mammekids-il-nuovo-sito-di-antonella-pfeiffer-rivolto-alle-mamme-e-alle-famiglie